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February 26, 2011
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ATC: MLP Halloween Swap 2010 by zebracornucopia ATC: MLP Halloween Swap 2010 by zebracornucopia
In fall of 2010 on the My Little Pony Trading Post, a nice lady organized an ATC swap. I had wanted an excuse to draw on ATC cards for fun, and signed up. I'd forgotten how woefully unused to drawing I had become, and coloring? Even worse! Ack! D:

Either way, there were two themes you could sign up for: candy and horror films. I chose to do a bit different of a take on candy, and drew candy brands as ponies...instead of just ponies with favorite candies.

I received some lovely cards in exchange! My favorite cards of these by far were the Skittles and Corpse Bride ones. But I might be biased.

Anyway, in order:

1.) Warheads
2.) Twizzlers
3.) Sprees
4.) Smarties
5.) Skittles
6.) Mary Jane
7.) Gummy Bears
8.) Jolly Rancher
9.) Sugar Babies
10.) Dubble Bubble
11.) Corpse Bride
12.) "Seapony", a play off of the Piranha movie.
13.) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Candy name brands are their respective owners.
Art by me.
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These are so cute! My favorites would be number five because it's so colorful and number eight because the sitting pose of the pony is utterly adorable! :D
Aww, thanks! Drawing these showed me how UTTERLY out of practice drawing and coloring I was! I can't believe I fell so out of practice over the years! LOL.
lol, I can feel out of practice if I leave my pen and paper behind for only a week so I can relate a little. XD
The Seapony one makes me think of the "shoo be doo" song set to the theme of Jaws. :XD:
I also had something very important to say about #10, but then I forgot it while I was writing about #12 because the Jaws theme got stuck in my head! D: Curse my goldfish attention span sometimes!
LOL! I have a goldfish attention span, too. Well, mine might be closer to a goldfish cracker.

The evil seaponies probably would sing the Shoo be Doo song all the theme of Jaws. I can picture it now...
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